What’s Inside: Emma’s Diary Mum To Be Pack

The Mum to Be Selections pack is one of three packs Emma’s Diary has put together for new mum-to-be’s. You can pick it up for free if you register via their website and it is filled with a selection of sample products and information designed to help you throughout your pregnancy or after.

You get samples from several brands, so it gives you a chance to try different products and find something you like. This is the first of three packs and can be picked up from early pregnancy. The next pack available is the Bump to Baby pack and the final one is the New Family pack. Here’s a quick overview of what I got in my pack.

What Do You Get?

This pack is filled with a few different sample-sized products designed especially for pregnant women and their baby. You also get a few leaflets that offer some useful tips and info and even some discount codes.

I picked my pack up from Boots, but they are currently also available from Argos. I’m not sure if pack contents vary depending on the store or they have a mix out there, so you may not get the same items as I got in mine.

Here’s what my pack contained:

• 2 x Lansinoh Ultra Thin Stay Dry Nursing Pads
• 1 x 15g tube of Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment
• 3 x Boots Newborn 2 – 5 kg nappies
• 1 x 50ml bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

Is It Worth Getting?

Well, it is free, so why not?

I like the fact that you get a few different products to try out and you may even get products from brands that you normally wouldn’t buy from or have not heard of, so it’s a great opportunity to try them out and see if you like it.

I can definitely see myself putting some of these products in my hospital bag, as the sample size is perfect for that! Everything is individually wrapped so it’s very handy to just put in the bag as is, rather than have to take a few nappies out of a bigger pack.

I will probably also take advantage of some of the offers and discount codes inside, although if this is your first pregnancy as well, you may also be a bit sick of the overload of leaflets, emails and offers being thrown at you anytime you sign up for something!

How Do You Get It?

Picking up your free pack is simple, just sign up on the website and then print off the voucher and take it to your nearest participating shop. In my case it was Boots, but they also work with Argos at the moment, so check to see what works for you. You just hand your voucher in at the shop and you get a free pack – yay!

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