What’s Inside: Emma’s Diary Bump To Baby Pack

Emma's Diary Bump to Baby Pack

The Bump to Baby Selections pack is filled with samples of products that will help you prepare for your baby’s arrival. Emma’s Diary have put together a pack that includes relevant samples for this stage of your journey, along with some information that will help you to decide which products and brands are best for you. This is the second pack to collect from the three, the first being the Mum To Be Selections pack and the third the New Family Selections pack. You can collect this one from your 27th week. Here’s a little overview of what you can expect. What Do You Get? The bag is filled with...

What’s Inside: Emma’s Diary Mum To Be Pack

Emma's Diary Mum to Be Pack

The Mum to Be Selections pack is one of three packs Emma’s Diary has put together for new mum-to-be’s. You can pick it up for free if you register via their website and it is filled with a selection of sample products and information designed to help you throughout your pregnancy or after. You get samples from several brands, so it gives you a chance to try different products and find something you like. This is the first of three packs and can be picked up from early pregnancy. The next pack available is the Bump to Baby pack and the final one is the New Family pack. Here’s a...